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New features


Hapio Releases SDK for PHP – Simplifying integration with the Booking and Scheduling API

During the last few weeks we have worked on an SDK for PHP, to make it easier for PHP developers to get started with Hapio. We are now happy to announce its release to the public.


A top-notch booking API

Our ambition is to deliver a top-notch booking API where we can focus all our efforts on creating the core functionality of a booking process. Then, we let you decide if you need to connect to any external solutions.


New updates available for filtering information

Hapio has now been updated with even better support for filtering the information that you fetch through the API.


New features for how Hapio handles time!

Hapio now supports different start and end times on different weekdays for services that are booked daily. From now on, you can therefore choose which time and day your booking should be available.