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About Hapio

How and why Hapio came into being.

About Hapio

Booking system – a word that immediately bring minds to industries such as hotels, hairdressers and alike. And of course that’s true, because it’s often about handling appointments of various kinds. It is a basic feature that is somehow included in all booking systems. But properly designed, a booking system can be so much more, and a benefit in many ways that may not be obvious from the start.

That is how our thoughts went in the middle of the decade. And we, Viström, are a digital development company located in Sweden that, in addition to traditional web solutions, already at that time worked a lot with e-commerce projects and integration with business systems.

Turning problems into opportunities

Over time, customers needs became clearer. Finding a ready-made booking system that suited the needs reasonably was difficult for most people. Those who still succeeded were forced to adapt their activities to the system, instead of the other way around. We received more and more inquiries about booking systems and soon saw how we could turn problems into opportunities. It must be possible to create something new and better by taking advantage of our knowledge in design, UX, system development and integration – knowledge that was frighteningly often lacking among the suppliers who only worked with booking systems.

In 2017, we therefore chose to focus our resources on booking and time management. The result was the modular API-based system Hapio, which with great flexibility makes it possible to meet industry-unique functional requirements and brand-strengthening design requirements in a cost-effective way without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Close support and constant development

In all Hapio projects, we work closely with our customers and review the business from the ground up to ensure that the right efforts are made in the right place. It´s an approach that creates the conditions for a well-thought-out and stable end product, which can also be easily supplemented with new functionality when new needs arise.

Today, we are seven employees who are constantly working to develop the Hapio system to new heights – constantly even more competent, even more flexible. Our long-term ambition is to become the leading player in the segment by ensuring that our customers do not lack anything, whether it is system features or support.