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Hapio Developer Portal is a great tool for developers who integrate with Hapio.

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Our portal is foremost for developers who integrate with Hapio

In our portal you can for example create projects, handle your API tokens, register webhooks and inspect any API requests you’ve sent to the API.

  • Manage your Hapio projects
  • Handle your API tokens
  • Register webhooks
  • Inspect any API request
  • Analyze your API usage
  • Invite teammates to your projects
  • Manage your billing information

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Visit the portal at hapio.app to register an account and gain access to the Hapio API. No credit card is required upfront.

Manage your projects

You can create one or more projects and gain access to them by creating API tokens.

Manage your webhooks

Hapio’s platform offers customizability with an open API for building your business’ digital experience. Gone are the days of vendor lock-in and limited functionality!

Hapio is always improving

Hapio’s always-improving toolchain is a great way to bring the latest technologies into your project. The engineering team behind Hapio has been delivering great digital products for years, so you can be sure that they’ll have what it takes when creating an awesome experience or solving some complex challenges!

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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A simple API request.

In the developer portal, you can create one or more projects and gain access to them by creating API tokens. Each project is completely isolated from other projects, so there’s no sharing of information between them. For each project, you can create one or more locations through the API. Every booking that is created in Hapio belongs to a specific project and is associated with a specific location.

Yes, you can integrate and customize endlessly with our API.