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A scheduling and booking API for all kinds of applications, use cases, implementations and industries.

What i can do

Fast. Reliable. Future-proof.

Get your development done in hours instead of months.
Easily build customizable booking and scheduling applications with a modern tech stack of your choice.


Hapio provides a modern and sleek RESTful API that is easy to navigate and integrate into your systems.


By using a headless approach, Hapio is easily customizable to your needs. You have the freedom to design your interfaces and processes to fit your requirements and your brand.

Serverless architecture

A serverless architecture allows Hapio to scale automatically behind the scenes based on current demand, ensuring that you get a smooth and reliable experience.

Works with any web technology

Whether you’re working with PHP, .NET, React, Vue.js, or any other web technologies, you can easily integrate with Hapio. If your technology stack can speak JSON, you can speak with Hapio.

What is Hapio?

Hapio provides a set of features and functions that simplify the process of making and integrating scheduling and booking functionality into your sites and applications.

Hapio handles resoursces, services, time zones, appointments, availabilities, conditions and more.

Hapio is a true white-label solution – which means that you can brand it however you want. Hapio is behind the curtains and doing the heavy lifting. It’s up to you how to use it!

Why Hapio?

With a comprehensive API platform only your imagination sets the boundaries of what’s possible.
With Hapio you get:

  • A well documented REST-API
  • Webhooks for all use cases
  • Flexible permissions for your API-tokens
  • Developer portal with API logs and more
  • Serverless

Integrate quickly

Tier up your business with a polished, reliable solution that’s been battle tested for success. Hapio is designed to make it easy and straightforward so you can spend more time building awesome products without having to worry about maintaining the technical side later on down the line.

Scale without worrying

Hapio is built for scale and global platforms. We offer pricing tailored to large organizations and platforms with tons of users and complex needs.


The core of Hapio is unmatched customizability. Gone are the days with vendor lock-in and limited functionality. Instead, you get an open platform, with a well-documented API to build the digital experience your business needs.

Always improving

Hapio is an always-improving toolchain that gains new functionality every day. Building with Hapio means you get access to the latest technologies in a platform delivered by a world-class engineering team.

Get started for free today

Getting started with Hapio for free is quick and easy! There’s no limited trial period, so you can comfortably try out Hapio at your own pace, and keep using free projects for your local development even if you’ve upgraded to any of our paid plans for your production projects.

Start building for free

Hapio SDK for PHP

The Hapio SDK for PHP allows you to easily interact with the Hapio API for bookings and scheduling when using the PHP programming language.

Learn more
  • Support for PHP 8.2 and later
  • Easy installation via Composer
  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Comprehensive documentation


Hapios pricing scales with you and your needs.
Get started for free or pay based on your usage.


For development and testing.
Start for free – no card details needed.


/month per project

  • No credit card required
  • Up to 2 500 requests/month
  • Rate limit: 100 req/min
Start building for free


For small projects, development and testing.


/month per project

  • 10k requests included/month
  • Rate limit: 250 req/min
  • €0.0029 per additional request
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For small and medium sized projects.


/month per project

  • 100k requests included/month
  • Rate limit: 500 req/min
  • €0.0029 per additional request


For large projects with large amounts of traffic.


/month per project

  • 250k requests included/month
  • Rate limit: 1 000 req/min
  • €0.0029 per additional request


For large teams and organizations needing advanced security, control, customization and  special support needs.

From €1,500 /month

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  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited team members
  • Custom rate limits
  • Premier Support

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help onboarding.

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