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New features for 2024

8 February 2024 - New features

We are happy to announce that we have completed the development of three significant features for 2024. We hope that these enhancements can support your work further. Read about them down below.

Filters for bookable slots

When fetching bookable slots for flexible services or day services from the API, you can now apply a filter to only receive bookable slots that match a specific duration. This is useful when you know the duration of your intended booking, and you want to find bookable slots that can fit that booking.

There’s also a filter for bookable slots available for all types of services, which allows you to receive only bookable slots with a minimum number of resources available. This is useful if you want to create multiple bookings during the same bookable slot.

Read the technical specifications about filters for bookable slots.

Disabling the booking window

When creating or updating bookings, you now have the option to ignore the booking window for the service that is being booked. Previously, you only had the option to ignore the bookable slots if you wanted to create or update a booking outside the booking window. With this new option, you can create or update bookings outside the booking window, while still adhering to the bookable slots. For example, this can be useful to allow administrators to create bookings outside the booking window, but still make sure that they follow the same rules as regular bookings within the booking window.

Read the technical specifications about disabling the booking window.

Recurring schedule repetition

Recurring schedules can now be configured to repeat at any weekly interval. By default recurring schedules will still repeat every week, but it is now possible to have them repeat for example every third week or every tenth week. You can also combine multiple recurring schedules, by having them start at different dates, or even have different intervals. For example, you could set up two different recurring schedules, both repeating every other week and have them start one week apart. This would give you a schedule that would alternate every week.

Read the the technical specifications about recurring schedule repetition.