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New updates available for filtering information

12 December 2022 - Booking system, New features

Hapio has now been updated with even better support for filtering the information that you fetch through the API. For most endpoints where you receive a list of items, we have expanded the number of available filters. We even allow you to choose between different operators to get a better match with your filters. This makes it easier to fetch exactly the information you need, without forcing you to filter the information on your end.

This update also enables you to filter based on the available metadata fields on bookings, resources, services, and locations. Let’s say you store information about the customer in the metadata field on bookings. With these new filters, you can now easily fetch all bookings belonging to a specific customer, directly through the API.

Read more about these new filters by heading over to the documentation. The section about filters explains how they work, how you use them, and what operators are available. For each of the listing endpoints, you can read about the available filters, and what constraints they might have.

Our team is thrilled to see that many of you have been testing and using Hapio in your projects. We are constantly working to improve Hapio and highly appreciate the feedback we receive. This update is only a reflection of that. Our goal is to meet your demands and continuously make Hapio even better.